Ustech Ramdisk v2.5 Password and Hello Latest 16.3.2


Ustech Ramdisk v2.5 Password and Hello Latest 16.3.2

Looking for a professional tool to unlock your device from iCloud? Ustech Ramdisk v2.5 is the perfect solution. The program works with both password and handshake (password with full token and handshake without token), making it 100% safe and reliable. Compatible with all Mac models, including M1 or M2 processors, Ramdisk can enable secure sharing of your device via iCloud.

Ustec Ramdisk v2.5

Ustech Ramdisk v2.5 has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use even for non-technical people. Created by experienced programmers, the tool ensures high efficiency and effectiveness in sharing your device via iCloud.

Ustech Ramdisk v2.5 gives you the solution to lock your device with iCloud Activation Lock. This tool works by unlocking and reusing your device, it doesn't matter if you forgot your iCloud password or bought a used device with iCloud Activation Lock, UStekramdisk v2.5 is the key that anyone can unlock your device as well.

Features Ustec Ramdisk 2.5:

inconsistent error

Appstore, iCloud, Notifications, iMessages are fully supported

Supports all Macs from Catalina to Ventura (also Macintosh)

does not require jailbreak

Backup data is also stored on the server desktop

iOS 14-16.3.1

Ustech Ramdisk v2.5 Password and Hello Latest 16.3.2

How to use Ustec Ramdisk 2.5?

For iPad/iPhone with password lock

in dfu mode, connect with a good quality cable

If your device is iOS 15, enable the Boot option and click Start.

If your device is iOS 16, check the iOS 16 option.

Then click Start. (wait for the end)

Then click Enable Backup. (It will be deleted automatically after device backup)

When the device enters the home screen

Plug in DFU mode and repeat the process

Finally, click Activate with Backup

for the hello screen

Connect iPhone/iPad in normal mode

Click Prepare for Activation

Enter DFU mode (if your device is iOS 15, please check iOS 16, please check iOS 16, please check iOS 16


Click boot (wait for it to finish)

Then click Enable Hello


If you encounter an assembly error, open 3utools and enable the Flash and user data option

Flash, your problem is solved.

If you still get an error message, it means the phone was dropped earlier.

If you get a pwnedfu error, replace the cable and reconnect the dfu.


UstechRamdisk v2.5 is an effective and reliable tool that you can trust to unlock your device with iCloud Activation Lock. With its easy-to-use interface and compatibility with all Macs, including the M1 and M2, it's the perfect solution for anyone who needs to unlock their device. Therefore, if security, reliability and efficiency are top priorities, Ustech Ramdisk v2.5 is your right choice.

Ustech Ramdisk v2.5 Password and Hello Latest 16.3.2

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